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Shooting Sports Complex

We are very proud of our Shooting Sports program at Camp Merz. Over the years we have been upgrading all of our ranges in order to better serve scouts interested in shooting sports. An additional change we have made to all our shooting sports merit badges is to require interested scouts to complete sections of the merit badges before camp, which frees them up for more Range time during each session.


  • Rifle / Shotgun: The Rifle/Shotgun Range is located farther up the hill above Scoutcraft, tucked into the woods by the road leading up to East Hill.  We have upgraded our classroom pavilion by adding solar powered electricity, making it easier to use through the summer season.

  • Archery: At the end of the nature trail you can find our Archery Range. In addition to our camp ranger creating new easier to move targets, we have created a separate classroom building near the range, which allows our archery staff to safely conduct two activities during  a given session.

  • Bow Trap: We have added a brand new shooting activity area, thanks to a recent grant.  To understand bow trapping, think of skeet shooting combined with archery, which equals fun! Leaders and scouts will be able to use their archery skills to shoot at flying reusable targets.

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