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Camp Merz
5297 West Lake Rd.
Mayville, NY 14757

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Summer Camp Program Areas

Water Front
This area provides scouts with the ability to go water skiing, motor boating, canoeing, swimming, rowing, small boat sailing, and other activities hosted by the Water front. New motorboats and row boats were added to our fleet in 2007. Just remember WATER SHOES ARE MANDATORY!!!

Nature/Ecology Conservation
Here scouts take a journey into nature where they learn about animals, weather, and how the world around them works. This area requires a little more work from the scouts.

If your scouts enjoy bows and arrows this is the place for them. We have time set aside for everyone to take the Archery Merit Badge and time to have fun shooting at targets.

Field Sports
Feel like being at camp is not active enough for you? Here at Field Sports we allow scout to play soccer, volley ball and cycle among other activities. This is the place to go to play and have fun. We have now added new mountain bikes to this dynamic program area.

Shooting Sports
This area is for those who just like to shoot it up, with in reason. At the Hulquist Shooting Sports Complex we offer rifle, shotgun, and black powder shooting.

Scout Skills
For those scouts who like to get back to nature and learn how to survive, this is your area. At outdoor skills we offer many activities that deal with building pioneer towers to camping in the wilderness. New in 2007 we have added the use of portable GPS devices to our Scout Skills program.

Feeling crafty? At Handicraft scout draw, work on computers, and pound stuff to create something that can be considered art.

When its your first time at camp it can be a little overwhelming. At our first-year camper program, scouts learn their basic skills in Tenderfoot up to First Class. This program only goes half of the day allowing them to pursue other merit badges.

Trading Post
Trading post is not a program area, is it? Well, at Camp Merz it is! We offer a wide range of snacks, drinks, clothing, Knives, camping gear, souvenirs and more! We have daily and weekly specials including "Wet-n-Wild Wednesday" and Moonlight Trading post.

Our newest program area, Technology has proven to be very popular. Scouts have use of 10 internet connected work stations for merit badge work. Learning about computers, electronics and electricity are just some of the programs offered in our Technology Lab.

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